Programs / Projects
1. Food and Clothing

Every child at Ashanilaya is given clean, hygienic and nutritious food that is not rationed; the children can eat as much as they want. Clothing is new and undistinguishable from that of children from private homes. Donors who provide the means by which this can be maintained meet these costs. Members of our local community, who come to celebrate Birthdays and other family functions with Ashanilaya children, also support our children by contributing lunches or dinners as part of these activities.

2. Housing

Ashanilaya was founded in 2001. The Orphanage is a 20 room facility owned free and clear by our non-profit organization. We do everything we can to provide Ashanilaya children with a safe and secure environment that closely resembles a private home. In this environment of emotional and psychosocial support, our children emerge empowered with the feeling of being wanted and are able to imagine a better future for themselves by dreaming big and having great ambitions. We are considering meeting all the energy needs of Ashanilaya through solar systems. The costliest items required are the solar panels, and we already have a sufficient number of them. All we require at present is the installation cost of around   160,000; ($ 3550; € 2280). Once installed, these will enable us to bring to zero our energy consumption bills averaging   3,500; ($ 80; € 50) per month.

3. Health Care, Hygiene and Sanitation.

At Ashanilaya, we give special attention to children's health care and hygiene. The buildings and grounds are always maintained and kept clean, particularly our kitchen and bathrooms. Proper hygiene is of utmost importance and stringently adhered to. Professionally trained counselors (volunteers) visit the Orphanage regularly and provide health counseling to our children. Even though, by God's grace, our children are quite healthy and have never seen a hospital, regular check ups are a must. The cost for all our children to have regular check ups four times a year would be   36,000; ($ 800; € 500) per year.

4. Education

Life's early blows caused by loss of their dear and near ones have given these orphaned children a sudden maturity and sensitivity absent in their peers, setting them apart with an invisible label of which only they themselves are consciously aware. They are thus very motivated to study hard so that "they can buy anything they want when they grow up". All Ashanilaya children attend English Standard Schools. At the beginning of each academic year we buy all their required school materials, pay admission and tuition fees and purchase bus passes, etc. And in the course of the year several other educational expenses crop up such as school picnics, sports, and so on. Ashanilaya lacks adequate funding for this inexpensive yet important part of our children’s upbringing and we go through very anxious moments regarding these costs at the beginning of each academic year. For as little as   10,000; ($240; €140) per year per child you can help us with this very important need.

Remedial / Tuition Classes
The general education system in India is “exams” centered. Admission to Colleges is highly competitive, and only those who score well in the exams can expect to enter the portals of higher education. Coming as they are from very poor socio-economic backgrounds and with the luggage of the traumatic experiences they have undergone, our children need special after school coaching classes. Coaches and tutors are available for very little cost and this is another area in which sponsor funding would really help.   24,000; ($ 550; € 340) would provide a coach or tutor for each subject of all our aspiring little ones for one full year.

5. Skills Development

We have trained our children in dance, instrumental music and yoga, etc. And we have plans to expand our special activities program to include tailoring, arts and crafts, painting and computers skills. Some of our children are very talented and deserve to be encouraged by sending them for specialized training. Since most instructors for these activities expect to be paid, these talented young children’s hopes lie in the hands and hearts of sponsors like you. Your contribution of any amount will be greatly appreciated.

6. Building Self Esteem

Since these are orphan children with no homes, no parents and nowhere else to go, we face the problem every year of what to do during their summer holidays. To ensure that they don’t feel unwanted and deprived, and to break the monotony of staying in the same place for 365 days in a year, we take them outside Bangalore for at least a few days. The place we select each year is dependent entirely on the response of donors to our appeals. The expense for these excursions is very low but the self-esteem it builds for the children is high. The cost of this once a year excursion is approximately   3,000; ($ 70; € 40) per child. Your contribution of any amount towards this important event is appreciated.

7. Play Equipments

Ashanilaya has a nice campus with garden, lots of greenery, a large playground and indoor/outdoor play equipment. We would like to expand our playground, build a basketball court and install two or three more pieces of playground equipment to provide adequate outdoor playing opportunities for our growing family of children. This would cost   61,000; ($ 1350; € 870).

8. Around-the-clock Mother Care and Supervision.

A professional and dedicated team consisting of 2 full-time paid female staff members provide around-the-clock care for our children. They are guided and assisted by 5 non-paid Staff members with knowledge and skills in childcare. Several volunteers consisting of social workers, counselors and teachers support our children in various capacities so that an atmosphere is created wherein the children are happy and feel at home, wanted and loved, safe and secure. We are planning to increase the intake of children to 50 and this will require that we have a well-paid Mother Supervisor. This will cost us an additional   144,000; ($ 3200; € 2060) per year.

9. Support for starting new orphanage for Male Children at Ashagram in Tamilnadu.

At Ashanilaya in Bangalore, we provide care to only female orphan children. For male orphan children’s care, we have started construction of a new separate house in a land owned by us at Ashagram in Tamilnadu around 60 Kms from Bangalore. At this facility we shall start with provision of care to 20 children and gradually increase to 150 children by putting up some village type cottages (one cottage each for 10 orphan children under the care of one Mother Care provider). We need funds to complete and furnish the building. Any contribution for this program is welcome.

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