Kannamma, 9 Years
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Every child at Ashanilaya is provided the best of care with facilities that include quality education in reputed English medium school, an in home study hall with desks and school supplies, well maintained bathroom facilities, washing machine, their own beds and cupboard space, nutritious food, presentable clothing, television, play grounds and play materials all in a supportive atmosphere of compassion and love. We also provide them with access to computers, a library, music, dance and singing classes, and they are taught various life coping skills and good human values. Until they are settled in life by joining the work force, or by getting married, Ashanilaya is the only home they have. But even thereafter, Ashanilaya always has an open door for them. This is their home and an important part of their lives.

Orphan children from such backgrounds, who are destitute, neglected and abandoned, if brought up in institutions, and if not given adequate care, compassion and love, are often filled with disappointments, anger and even violence, and can develop twisted personalities and end up as a threat to society. In contrast, the children at Ashanilaya are in very safe hands. They are raised with the type of care and attention that more fortunate children living with their families receive. Our sole aim is to give new hope and create a new future for these deprived children.

One of the best ways in which you can help the children at Ashanilaya is with your direct sponsorship. For a relatively modest sum, you can help Ashanilaya provide much needed food, clothing, shelter and education to kids who would otherwise be out on the streets - prey to all kinds of things that kids shouldn't have to deal with. The dichotomy in our world of good and bad is staggering. Imagine that one of these kids could become a research scientist that discovers the cure for cancer, or she could spend her days begging or looking for scraps of food in garbage dumps or sold for child prostitution. Or one of them could become interested in the green and clean environment initiatives adopted and propagated by Ashanilaya, and go on to create breakthroughs in environmental research to make our mother planet a better place to live for one and all. Or end up in a street gang reduced to a life of violence and crime. You can help the outcome be a positive one for the kids at Ashanilaya through your interest in our work and your monetary support. For as little as ₹ 1500; ($ 30; € 20) a month, you could make a big difference. Your commitment to a monthly donation and letter writing once in a year will establish a bond that will last a lifetime.

For a detailed introduction to one of our children, simply click on one of their photos and a lightbox with information will appear. Please take the time to read their stories and if one or more of them calls you forth to give, your contribution could change one of our children’s lives and establish a bond that could last a lifetime. By sponsoring one of our children, and if you request, you will receive regular updates on that child's progress, have the opportunity to correspond if you desire, and you will be welcome to visit the orphanage to meet the children and see how your sponsorship is providing them with a real opportunity for a meaningful and successful life. We are a charitable non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible in India. And also in the U.S. and in Norway. We accept all forms of payment including credit and debit cards.

Archana, 9 Years
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Sulochana, 13 Years
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Appu Basker, 9 Years
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The children are brought up in a culturally vibrant environment
The children study in a lively and inspiring school atmosphere
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